arrangement for percussion sextet

Written: 1995
 Duration: 10'00"
 Instrumentation: percussion sextet
 For John Beck and the Eastman Marimba Ensemble
PremiereEastman Marimba EnsembleJohn Beck, conductor, Eastman School of Music, Kilbourn Hall, Rochester, NY, December 26, 1992.
 Second PerformanceEastman Marimba EnsembleEastman School of Music, Main Hall, Rochester, NY, Winter 1993.
 Publisher: Bill Holab Music

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Christmas Time is a medley-arrangement of four popular Christmas songs: Winter WonderlandRudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerFeliz Navidad and Carol of The Bells. It was originally written for John Beck and the Eastman Marimba Ensemble. Mr. Beck, or “JB” as we called him, was always very open to students writing new pieces for the ensemble and in fact, he wholeheartedly welcomed them.

Every winter, Eastman has a traditional Christmas Sing in the main hall of the building. Students and faculty sing Christmas songs with various school choirs and ensembles, including the Eastman Marimba Ensemble. I was certainly imagining this occasion when I wrote this piece. I wasn’t really thinking that everyone would sing along, although some did, but more about the joy of the occasion and the happiness and spirit of the Christmas season.